Have you considered adding Email Archiving as a service?

“It’s so easy and yet so beautifully perfect in terms of how an email archiving solution works.” 

Luke Mead, CEO, LMS Group. 


Despite the prevalence of messenger apps, email remains the number one means of communication in the business sector. For companies, this means that a copy of all emails need to be kept for a longer period of time in accordance with regulatory requirements. An email archiving solution can help fulfil these requirements.

For cost reasons many small and medium sized businesses lack a suitable infrastructure to provide certain IT services and so obtaining many of these services through a service or cloud provider makes total sense. If you’re an MSP then email archiving is one of the services that you can easily provide for your customers, providing benefits such as:- 

  • Secure storage of emails
  • Permanent availability 
  • Offloading the email server 
  • Self-service archive access for the end user 
  • Fast powerful search function

With the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE), service providers have the option to offer email archiving on a subscription basis. By hosting on your own or a rented infrastructure you gain:-

  • A high degree of flexibility to build your own custom-managed service
  • An infrastructure under your control
  • Independent pricing

Since the MailStore Service Provider Edition was introduced about 9 years ago, over 1000 MSP’s from all over the world have added their own email archiving service to their portfolio.  

One such company is the LMS group who launched their own email archiving service using MailStore SPE. Here’s a quick video of what LMS think of MailStore SPE and how it helped them add a powerful email archiving product to their own MSP portfolio.

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