The Top 3 Most Popular Ways to Price Usecure for Your Customers

Standalone? Bundled? Tiered?

Knowing which approach to take to packaging and pricing services is always one of those ongoing topics for Managed Service Providers.

That’s no different in the case of Human Risk Management platform usecure, so in this post, we share what other MSPs do and how they approach this little conundrum!

usecure and Zen Software - 3 methods of pricing overview

The 3 main ways of pricing usecure for the end-user

In this video Sales Manager, Danny Boyle provides an overview of the 3 main methods of pricing that MSPs use when charging their clients for something like usecure.

Standalone Pricing

Standalone pricing is where you’re selling usecure with no other services and in its entirety.

Usecure is usually priced anywhere between £1.50 to £3.50 on a monthly rolling contract.

Ideal for: End-users who are conscious about their cyber security, or a client who has experienced a breach in the past

Pros: One simple price. Most understandable and straight-forward method to the end-user 

Cons: This could leave you with no option to upgrade or cross-sell later down the line.

Bundled Pricing

This is becoming a common pricing tactic in the IT industry. MSPs are starting to understand the benefit of selling lots of smaller products within one complete offering.

Pricing for adding usecure into a bundled package ranges from £1.50 to £3.50.

If you’re looking to build a bundle, it’s common to see usecure bundled with the following products: 

  • Remote Maintenance Monitoring System (RMMs)
  • Remote Access agreements
  • Office 365 backup solutions
  • Backup Solutions and Password Management Tools

Ideal for: Those clients who are less interested in the details and more driven by a one price fits all offer

Pros: Allows you to easily sell lots of smaller products together and show off your expertise by including an overview

Cons: Clients may not see the value of the package and question the cost of “extra’s” if no overview is provided. It’s important that you clearly lay out the value and features included in the bundle and help guide your clients using your expertise and their requirements. 

Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing is commonly branded up or given names to help end-users understand the difference. Think Standard or Premium, Gold or Silver.

A product like usecure allows you to separate the same product into a tiered pricing structure without you paying any extra. 

As an MSP, you receive all 4 features of usecure (uLearn, uPhish, uBreach and uPolicy) at the same price from us to you, however, that doesn’t stop you from charging your clients differently. Simply toggle on and off. 

Here’s an example tiered structure:

Standard: uLearn, uPhish, uBreach
Typically costs between £1.50-£2.50 per user per month.

Premium: uLearn, uPhish, uBreach PLUS uPolicy
We are seeing prices between £2.50- 3.50 for policy management.

Adding uPolicy as an “add-on” into the premium tier solves the end-users struggle with policy management, an easy upgrade to sell.

Ideal for: Giving your clients options to suit different budgets and for offering future upgrades

Pros: Provides you with the opportunity to cross-sell to your clients straight away or in the future.  

Cons: It can be difficult for your clients to decide if they’re not sure what they require. It’s important that you clearly lay out the value and features included in each package and help guide your clients using your expertise and their requirements. 

Make Your Pricing Method Clear

So, there we have it, 3 methods of pricing and packing up a product such as usecure. 

Whichever method you choose for pricing, remember it’s important to show the value included and explain clearly what is included in the product, bundle or package. This is where your expertise comes in! 

Want to learn more about usecure?

usecure, the automated ‘Human Risk Management’ platform, is a suite of four core security products that when used together turn employees from being a company’s primary vulnerability to a highly effective layer of defense. With monthly rolling contracts, no minimum commitment and a free not-for-resale (NFR) licence, usecure has been built from the ground up for MSPs.

Take a look at the usecure overview on our website

Watch demo videos of each of the usecure modules

Book your 1:2:1 demo with a usecure expert!


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