New Webinar: Sneak Preview of MDaemon 15

Microsoft Small Business Server was discontinued in 2013, leaving a real niche for MDaemon as lots of small businesses were forced to decide between “full blown” Exchange (as I like to call it) or the cloud and Office365.

It’s not a direct replacement – if you use all of Exchange’s advanced features you’ll most likely find something MDaemon won’t do (shared custom category synchronisation springs to mind) and vice versa, but 95% of it’s there.

Some pretty competitive pricing and no database to go all skewiff at 4:55pm on a Friday afternoon make it an attractive proposition for smaller companies in particular.

Your Sneak Peek

Well there’s not much sneaky about it actually – this is available to the world but that doesn’t make it any less worth attending.

MDaemon developer Alt-N Technologies are running a couple of webinars where they’ll take 30 minutes to guide you through the latest features, the highlights being…

  • IPv6 Support
  • Updated GUI
  • Virtual Email Encryption for WorldClient

It’s mostly the encryption stuff I suspect you’ll find interesting – if you can spare 30 mins or so it’s definitely worth a look.

How to Register for Alt-N’s Webinar

They’re actually running a couple – the one soonest is at 9pm our time (GMT) and the one after is actually during the working day. I figure perhaps that might suit some of you – particularly if, like me, your partner will be watching One Born Every Minute. Perhaps it’ll be a welcome escape!

Webinar dates and times:

  • March 10th @ 4:00 PM GMT
  • March 5th @ 9:00 PM GMT

alt-n webinar registrationDon’t forget to use the opportunity to ask presenter Brad Wyro any questions, I know our guys always prefer talking to you than just to themselves so feel free to help encourage the more interactive approach if possible!

I hope you find it useful and of course you’re welcome to talk to us about the new release at any time – just drop a note in the comments here or contact us using one of the old fashion methods.

Let us know what you think....

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