Our ultimate ‘tricks of the trade’ list for IT professionals – Final part

The ultimate list of useful links for IT professionalsSo it’s here – we’ve reached the third and final part of our series of posts designed to arm you with all of the tools you need to survive the minefield that is IT support.

It’s time for you to put the knowledge we’ve provided you into practice and to go it alone.

It’s been emotional. God speed.

Our ultimate list is compiled by IT professionals from across the UK.

Free software for saving your bacon

Analyse and benchmark machines (CPU ID) – visit site

Analyse hard disk performance (Crystal Disk) – visit site

Portable tools that have the best from Sysinternals and Nirsoft (KLS Soft) – visit site

IP network scanner with subnet detail (Advanced IP Scanner) – visit site

Advanced IP Scanner

Indispensable! Scan the ports of networked computers and identify HTTP, HTTPS, FTP ports and shared folders

Manage all of your remote logins in a single application – RDP, VNC, SSH, ICA (MrRemoteEng) – visit site

Free network analyser for Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, Linux (OverlookSoft) – visit site

Install Windows updates online (AutoPatcher) – visit site

Check firewall ports – ping over a TCP connection (Eli Fulkerson) – visit site

Open source key stroke application launcher (Launchy) – visit site


Indispensable how-to articles

Telnet to port 25 to test SMTP communications (Microsoft) – visit site

Reset lost Windows passwords with Offline Registry Editor (TechRepublic) – visit site

Operating system screen grabs to help with phone support (modemhelp) – visit site

Complete list of Google search tips and tricks (Google) – visit site

Unlock Windows 8 ‘God mode’ (TechRepublic) – visit site

Install Windows from a USB drive (InToWindows) – visit site


Web sites you’ll want to bookmark

Convert all sorts of media files online (Online Convert) – visit site

DNS lookup with history (DomainTools) – visit site

DiG, nslookup and whois checker for tablets (Kloth) – visit site

List of Malware removal tools (Eset) – visit site

Understand motherboard code beeps (TechNik) – visit site

Sync your time (DefaultReasoning) – visit site

Test Exchange connectivity (ExchangeTest) – visit site

Deploy printers via group policy (PowerShell) – visit site

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Tricks of the trade part 1 sign-up






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