Our ultimate ‘tricks of the trade’ list for IT professionals – Part 2/3

The ultimate list of useful links for IT professionalsYou’re well in to the evening and the ‘simple’ site visit you embarked upon has turned in to a monster can of worms.

Turning it off and on again repeatedly has failed and you’ve been watching status bars for the best part of the day with no hope of seeing home any time soon.

What you’ll take away from this three part series of useful links to free utilities and indispensable articles, may just provide that lifeline in such a situation.

Back by popular demand, behold part two of our ultimate list, compiled by IT professionals from across the UK.

Free utilities to save your bacon

Click in Windows buttons that are greyed out (Windows Enabler) – visit site

Control multiple computers with one keyboard and mouse (Microsoft) – visit site

Brilliant, free SSH client (WinSCP) – visit site

Windows repair tool (tweaking.com) – visit site

Notepad alternative for coders (Notepad++) – visit site

Mount an ISO as if it were a virtual drive (Daemon tools) – visit site

Command line SMTP mailer (Blat) – visit site

RDP to multiple machine at once (Microsoft) – visit site

‘Decrapify’ your machine! (Decrapifier) – visit site

Keep your settings when you move to a different domain (Forensit.com) – visit site 

Free personal PC auditing for details and licences (Belarc) – visit site

Easy screenshot capture for users (Greenshot) – visit site

Broken Internet

– Two incredibly useful services – use Internetpulse and Internettrafficreport to check the status of the Internet

How-to guides

Is the Internet working? Check the status – site 1 / site 2

Avoiding the pitfalls of geek speak (techrepublic.com) – visit site

Bring a hard drive back from the dead – last chance saloon! (lifehacker.com) – visit site

The OSI model explained (wikipedia.com) – visit site

How to solve almost any issue known to Microsoft (technet.com) – visit site

Handy control panel commands for the delightful Windows 8 (microsoft.com) – visit site

Change your embedded Windows licence key (bictt.com) – visit site

How to provide excellent customer service (ehow.com) – visit site

20 Windows short-cuts you may not already know (howtogeek.com) – visit site

Just useful links

Eset malware removal tools

An essential addition for your armoury (bookmarks list) – security vendor Eset’s excellent list of malware removal tools.

Gain access to a Windows machine with lost credentials (pcworld) – visit site

Reset Windows update components (Microsoft.com) – visit site

Run two copies of Outlook simultaneously (ExtraOutlook) – visit site

Look up an unknown device in Device Manager (PCIdatabase.com) – visit site

List of malware removal tools (Eset) – visit site

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