New video: MDaemon’s new Webmail client

MDaemon 14 was released earlier this week and with it, an updated webmail client with a snazzy new look and feel.

Outlook has a tendency to hog large chunks of memory and this, coupled with the cost of the licencing means that there’s an emerging market of users like myself who are looking for an alternative.

I’ve been impressed to the point I’ve made the switch to MDaemon webmail full-time and while I’ve spotted a couple of tweaks that would be nice, I’m finding it both fast and brilliantly ‘usable’.

Brad over at developer Alt-N Technologies has kindly pulled together a quick video so please take a look and let me know what you think in the comments…

MDaemon webinar sign-up

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2 thoughts on “New video: MDaemon’s new Webmail client

  1. This video covers a version which is not the one I am using. Since Nov. 17, 2014, they’ve rolled out another screen configuration. Many of these features reviewed above are gone 😦

    I do not like the MDaemon email client.

    • Hi Barbara,

      Sorry to hear you’re not that impressed with the improvements – can I ask what it is that’s lacking exactly?

      The latest version is almost identical – see this video overview from a few weeks ago:

      Please excuse me if I’m teaching you to suck eggs here but are you definitely choosing the right theme option at the login screen? Should be “Worldclient” and not any of the others available.


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