MDaemon and SecurityGateway updates

I’m slightly concerned that the news of a virtual information blackout yesterday may have detracted somewhat from the REALLY big stories that were breaking. Yes, had you have been paying proper attention you’d have noticed two new product updates from our Texan friends over at developer Alt-N Technologies. Ok, so it’s possible I’m overhyping these a fraction but if you’re a user of either product they’re worth knowing about all the same.

Both were what we’d class as minor releases so they consisted mainly of fixes and small enhancements but I thought you might find it useful for me to pick out a few of the more notable details so you’ve got a better idea what to expect if you don’t have the time to read the release notes in full.

MDaemon 12.5.3

I really have to take my hat off to MDaemon’s Webmail client development team as we’ve seen a constanst stream of improvements to WorldClient over the last 12 months and in this release we see no less than 12 further tweaks. This time they range from performance enhancements aimed at companies with large numbers of users, to better browser compatibility for IE8. There are also a number of fixes to help with script handling and interface usability.

This release also has ActiveSync synchronisation improvements, particularly for Android devices and an update to the MDMigrator tool for users coming across from Exchange or other competing products.

>>> Release notes here <<<

SecurityGateway for Exchange 2.0.7

Only a few points of interest in SecurityGateway but still worthwhile upgrading. This release sees a range of fixes with the most notable ones being an important update to the ClamAV virus engine, SMTP connection speed improvments and better stability when using the POP3 connector.

>>> Release notes here <<<

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