WorldClient challenge – Day 3 ComAgent

One of the biggest concerns when using WorldClient full time is how you’re alerted when new mail arrives. Do you really have to keep a Web page open all day? What happens if you don’t use email for an hour or two, won’t the session time out? This can really put people off switching from a Windows email application to WorldClient, but there is a solution to this which is often overlooked – ComAgent.

ComAgent is a small Windows application that can be installed on any PC you regularly use for email access. It links in to one or more WorldClient servers and keeps a permanent session open to provide alerts for new events.

ComAgent-InstantMessage.jpgOne of the nice features of WorldClient is that it makes logging in to WorldClient a simple one click process.

ComAgent also includes a secure instant messaging function which enables you to text chat with colleagues without having to allow access to an online messaging service such as MSN or Skype. All message data is managed on the MDaemon server and kept private.

Let us know what you think....

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