MDaemon 12.5 released – ActiveSync email, tablet support and more…

MDaemon logoWe’ve just made version 12.5 of MDaemon email server live on the site so I thought I’d take a moment to point out what we think you’re likely to find most interesting in the latest release.

>> Download MDaemon v12.5 <<

ActiveSync email synchronisation

Since version 12 of MDaemon there’s been support for the synchronisation of calendars and contacts on iPhones, Android devices and Windows Mobiles via the ActiveSync plug-in. This release sees the addition of email and PIM data synchronisation via ActiveSync too.

Tablet support in Webmail client (Worldclient)

The Wordclient development team have been working extremely hard to implement some pretty major architectural and design changes, and this release sees comprehensive support for tablet devices such as the PlayBook and iPad.

Specific items of interest:

  • Single finger scrolling
  • Dragging and dropping between folders with one finger; use two fingers to copy to the destination folder
  • No popup windows for message composition, item entry and item editing to help maintain context
  • Inline message preview to help preserve the flow of the mail folder and maximize screen real estate

Other webmail client enhancements

Worldclient sees a range of improvements, including new HTML5 & CSS3 features for better loading times, and some other clever enhancements to the code in order to make the HTML editor more ‘snappy’. Version 12 also sees some additional advanced search options and the ability to view multiple calendars.

Upgrade considerations and full details of the many other minor tweaks and technical improvements are are available in the release notes here.

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