View hidden (missing) backup files when using Rsync with a QNAP NAS

On some QNAP NAS devices you may experience a problem with backed up files not appearing when it’s specified as the destination of an Rsync backup job within BackupAssist.

If the backup job contains remote files (pulled from a network share), the job completes successfully but it may look like there are no files written to the QNAP NAS.

In fact the files are present but they are all given the permission ‘Hidden’ and ‘System’ so are not visible by default.

To resolve this issue open the Rsync Job within BackupAssist and go to the ‘Rsync Options’ section:

1. Scroll down to Set Permissions on the backup.
2. Untick Grant all users read access to the backup.
3. Untick Grant all users write access to the backup if this has been changed from the default.