MDaemon no longer seems to be attempting a DomainPOP or MultiPOP collection, what might have changed?

The initial thing to check is the \MDaemon\Logs\MDaemon-YYYY-MM-DD-DomainPOP.log and \MDaemon\Logs\MDaemon-YYYY-MM-DD-MultiPOP.log files (you can open these in notepad) to ensure that this isn’t related to a problem accessing the mailbox at the ISP as these logs will indicate any errors. For example, the mailbox password might be incorrect or the mailbox no longer exists at the ISP.

If these log files contain no data, check that the File -> Enable DomainPOP and File -> Enable MultiPOP options in the MDaemon Interface have a tick by them and that Setup -> Server Settings -> DomainPOP -> Host & Settings -> “Enable DomainPOP Collection Engine” is ticked. MultiPOP can be enabled/disabled on a per user/ISP account basis at Accounts -> Account Manager -> {username} -> MultiPOP. Also check that Setup -> Event Scheduling is enabled and suitably configured as the settings here determine how often MDaemon performs a DomainPOP or MultiPOP collection.

If this all appears to look correct, then try selecting Queues -> Process Local and Remote Queues as this will trigger an automatic DomainPOP and MultiPOP collection.

If this fails to process a DomainPOP / MultiPOP collection at all, then open the \MDaemon\App\MDaemon.ini and \MDaemon\App\Schedule.dat files in notepad.

The RemoteQueue= value in the [Directories] section of the MDaemon.ini file needs to be the same location as any defined Queue= value in the Schedule.dat file and if this was manually updated at any point this will account for the problem.

If they aren’t the same value, update the Schedule.dat file to refer to the location specified in the MDaemon.ini file and restart MDaemon so the change takes effect (take a copy of any file you make changes to before making the changes as a backup first).