How to configure a new domain email server in SecurityGateway

From the Dashboard, after logging in with an administrator account:

  1. Click on Setup / Users in the lower-left corner
  2. Locate the Mail section
  3. Click on Domain Mail Servers
  4. You will see a listing of all currently defined servers
  5. Click on the New button along the top to create a new server, or Edit to edit an existing one
  6. Enter a Description
  7. Enter a Hostname or IP address
  8. Enter the Port if the default is not being used
  9. Enter SMTP authentication information if required
  10. If this will be the default mail server for a particular domain select that box
  11. Select the domain this mail server will be used with and click the right arrow to move it to the right hand box
  12. Click Save and Close

Additional Notes:

You can specify any domain email server as a default one, which is useful if you have automatic domain creation turned on, so any unknown user SecurityGateway accepts mail for will be created.