How do I move SecurityGateway to another machine?

You will need to make a backup of the database, download and copy the backup file to the new machine, install SecurityGateway, and import the database. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the SecurityGateway site with a global administrator account
  2. Click Setup / Users on the left pane
  3. Look for the Database Maintenance section
  4. Click Backup along the left
  5. Click the link ‘Click here to backup entire database now’
  6. The backup window will open and show the backup progress
  7. You can close the window and continue later when the backup is complete, or leave the window open to monitor the progress 
  8. Click on Restore in the left pane, under Database Maintenance
  9. Select the backup under the Restore section on the right pane
  10. Click on the Download download link to download it to your local machine. 
  11. In the SecurityGateway Dashboard under “Manage product registration and activation” deactivate the licence keys
  12. Shut down the SecurityGateway service, either using the Services control-panel, or the ‘Stop SecurityGateway’ icon in the Start Menu
  13. Install SecurityGateway on the new server, in the desired location
  14. Copy the database file to the new server
  15. Once SecurityGateway is installed, log into the new SecurityGateway site with a global administrator account
  16. Click Setup / Users
  17. Click Restore under Database Maintenance
  18. Under ‘Upload Backup Filer’ click Browse
  19. Select the backup file
  20. Click OK
  21. Click the Upload Backup File button
  22. Select the backup file in the ‘Restore’ section
  23. Click the ‘restore’ link
  24. Click OK on the warning message that data created or modified since the backup file was created will be lost.
  25. The Restore window will show the progress
  26. Once the restore is completed, you will be logged out of the Security Gateway site
  27. The restore is complete. You can now log into the SecurityGateway site with your global administrator account from the original machine and activate your keys