How do I add a new user verification source to SecurityGateway?

From the Dashboard, after logging in:

  1. Click on Setup / Users.
  2. Locate the Accounts section.
  3. Click on User Verification Sources.
  4. Click on the New button along the top. If you wish to edit an existing one, select the source you wish to change and click Edit.
  5. Input the information into the new or existing verification source you wish to use:
    1. Select the Type of verification source from the drop down menu.
    2. Enter a description such as ‘ – Microsoft 365’.
    3. Enter the Host name or IP address of the verification source.
    4. If applicable enter the port if the default is incorrect for your environment.
    5. If the source requires authentication, select the option and enter the account information.
    6. Enter any other necessary information for that specific type of verification source.
  6. Click Save and Close in the upper-left corner of the popup window.