Can I Import Users from an Existing Database into SecurityGateway?

SecurityGateway has the ability to read information from a comma-separated-value (CSV) file to help automate the process of adding users to the database. The format that SecurityGateway looks for is as follows: Email, ‘MailBox’, ‘Domain’, ‘FullName’, ‘Password’ at the top of the list, with the relevent information in each column below.

To import users into SecurityGateway from a CSV file:

  1. Log into the SecurityGateway site with a global administrator account.
  2. Click on Setup / Users in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Under Users and Administrators on the right pane locate ‘Manage Users’.
  4. Click on the domain you wish to import users into.
  5. Click on the Import button along the top to bring up the Import Users dialog box.
  6. Click on Browse, and then navigate to the location where the .CSV file is saved.
  7. Click on Import Users at the top of the pop-up window.

You will see an information window listing the results of the import, including all lines read, all accounts imported, any accounts that were skipped, and any new domains that were added.

Additional Notes:

If you have accounts from multiple domains in the CSV file when you import, they will be added to their respective domain in SecurityGateway’s domain if you have already created the domain. You may also check ‘Autocreate domains for users that are imported with domains that don’t exist yet in SecurityGateway’ in the Import Users pop-up window to automatically create any domains that are imported.

Imported accounts that already exist in the user database will be added, but with the full name filled with a random string of characters.