Office 365 / Outlook 2016 – Missing Additional Server Types option in the MAIL Control Panel Applet

With the release of Office 365 / Outlook 2016 (version 1708), the method to add a new MAIL profile in the MAIL Applet in the Windows Control Panel has changed and a side effect is it’s no longer possible to select “Additional Server Types” when creating a new Outlook Connector email account in this location.

This is an issue with Office 365 / Outlook 2016 (version 1708) specifically but Microsoft have already resolved and restored this functionality with the insider-build for Office 365 / Outlook 2016 (version 1710). Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, it is not yet included in their automated Windows update process.
It is possible to install the insider-build manually and the steps to do so are detailed here if you wish to do so.

The below process will also return the old setup menu to the “Mail” applet in the Control Panel in the meantime. Here are the steps:

1. Extract this ZIP file onto the affected client machine (You may want to extract it to the root of the C: drive so that it is easy to navigate to via a command prompt).

2. Open the “configuration.xml” file in Notepad. 
If the client machine is running a 32-bit version of Outlook, then this is what the “OfficeClientEdition” line should show:

<Add OfficeClientEdition=”32″ Channel=”InsiderFast”>

If the client machine is running a 64-bit version of Outlook, then this is what the “OfficeClientEdition” line should show:

<Add OfficeClientEdition=”64″ Channel=”InsiderFast”> 

If you are not running Office365 / Outlook 2016 Professional Edition please follow the steps in the “NOTES:” section of the Microsoft article here to confirm and amend the “ProductID” value in the configuration.xml file as required.

Microsoft also provide a full list od ProductID’s that are supported here which should be checked and used if required. 

3. After modifying that file, save and close it. 

4. Open a command prompt.

5. In the command prompt, navigate to the folder where you copied those two files.

6. Run this command: 

setup.exe /configure configuration.xml 

After running this command, you should now be able to set up an Outlook Connector account via the MAIL applet in the Control Panel.