MDaemon Userlist.dat file format

The MDaemon userlist.dat file holds many of the settings specific to the users of the system and this file can be edited manually to manage user account information.
Editing the file in a text editor like notepad would look similar to the following.

It is worth noting the file is character position delimited and careful consideration has to be made when editing the file. The following table shows what each section is used for and the number of characters used by that section.

Section Characters  Description
Domain 45 This is the domain the account is part of
Mailbox 30 This is the part left of the ‘@’ sign
FullName 30 This is the account’s first and last name
MailDir 90 This is the path to the directory where the account’s mail is stored
Password 20 This is the account’s password
AutoDecode 1 Set to ‘Y’ if the account is auto extracting attachments
IsForwarding 1 Set to ‘Y’ if the account is forwarding mail
AccessType 1 ‘Y’ – the account can be accessed by both POP and IMAP
‘N’ – the account can’t be accessed by either POP or IMAP
‘P’ – the account can only be accessed using POP
‘I’ – the account can only be accessed using IMAP
‘C’ – the account is completely disabled and can not be used at all
AllowChangeViaEmail 1 Set to ‘Y’ if the account can change options via email
KeepForwardedMail 1 Set to ‘Y’ if the account is retaining a copy of forwarded mail
HideFromEveryone 1 Set to ‘Y’ if the account is to remain hidden from EVERYONE list
ProcessCalendarRequests 1 Set to ‘Y’ if the account automatically processes meeting and cancellation requests
ApplyQuotas 1 Set to ‘Y’ if the account is subject to quota restrictions
EnableMultiPOP 1 Set to ‘Y’ if the account is actively using MultiPOP
LocalOnly 1 Set to ‘Y’ if account is restricted to sending local  messages only
MaxMessageCount 4 Max number of messages the account can have in the mailbox at once
MaxDiskSpace 6 Max disk space the account is allowed to consume
CR 1 Carriage return character
LF 1 Linefeed character



Additional Comments

Due to the fact that MDaemon stores the passwords in an encrypted state the actual maximum length of a password is 15 characters.  MDaemon needs the remaining space to store the encrypted version of the password since it can be up to 5 characters longer than the unencrypted version.

It is possible to enter a plain unencrypted textual value into the password field manually and have MDaemon automatically encrypt it for you.  This will aid in third party development of userlist utilities since they will not have to worry about storing the password in an encrypted state.  To use this feature simply enter the textual password into the password field and set the last two characters of the password field (i.e.. positions 214 and 215) to a blank space and a ‘Y’ character respectively.  When MDaemon reads the userlist file and encounters a password that has the last two characters arranged in this fashion it assumes that the value present in the field is a plain text entry that needs to be encrypted.

If an account is set to forward mail (i.e.. position 217 = ‘Y’) then the forwarding address can be found in the FORWARD.DAT file under a section name that is the same as the account’s EMAIL field.

If encryption is being used (position 222 = ‘Y’) then only messages which are smaller than or equal to 4096 bytes in length will be encrypted.  Messages larger than this will not be encrypted.

Do not make changes to the userlist.dat file without backing it up first.