MDaemon IP based Whitelist configuration file locations

There are multiple places where IP addresses can be whitelisted however accessing them is relatively straightforward as they’re stored in plain text files.


For the security features below the paths to the relevant files are…

Trusted IPs:  \MDaemon\App\TrustedIPs.dat

PTR lookups:  \MDaemon\App\ReverseXcpt.dat

HELO lookups:  \MDaemon\App\HeloLookupWL.dat

MAIL command lookups:   \MDaemon\App\MailLookupWL.dat

SMTP credential matching:  \MDaemon\App\CredsMatchWhiteList.dat

SPF verification:  \MDaemon\App\SPFXcpt.dat

DKIM verification:  \MDaemon\App\DKVerifyXcpt.dat

DMARC verification:   \MDaemon\App\DMARCWhiteList.dat

IP screening:   \MDaemon\App\IPScreen.dat

Hijack detection:  \MDaemon\App\HiJackWhiteList.dat

Spambot detection:  \MDaemon\App\NoSpamBot.dat

Backscatter protection:  \MDaemon\App\BATVXcpt.dat

Greylisting:  \MDaemon\App\NoGreyList.dat

DNS-BL:  \MDaemon\App\NoDNSBL.dat

The following security features all share the same whitelist and backlists:-

SMTP screening

Location screening


Dynamic Screening

These are:-