Roaming profiles – Why does Outlook keep asking me for my Outlook Connector login information when I move machines?

If you are using a roaming profile, in some very rare cases after moving machines and starting Outlook, you may find that MDaemon Connector prompts you for your account details again.

If this happens, initially confirm that the config.xml file at C:\Documents and Settings\[windows user]\Application Data\Alt-N\Outlook Connector 2.*\Accounts\[Outlook profile]\[email address]\ is present and populated. You can open the config.xml file in notepad or similar to check this.

If it isn’t present it would suggest this file has not roamed correctly.

In such cases where the config.xml file is present and contains the correct information, it’s often due to the roaming profile registry information for your Windows user account pointing to the wrong MDaemon Connector config.xml file and localcache.db location and this may be addressed by checking and updating* the associated registry keys under…

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\[Outlook Profile]\0e336af259a1ed419212275681174cb9

The actual 0e336af259a1ed419212275681174cb9 folder name in this registry location may vary depending on the version of Windows and Outlook being used.

*We would strongly recommend that you take a backup of your registry before you make any changes to it.