How one user can pre-check email for another user

In some scenarios it may be necessary for one user to pre-check email for another user before it is sent to it’s recipient. This article details how this can be achieved.


User Fred wants to vet all of user Bill’s outbound emails before they’re sent out.

1. Fred creates two sub-folders under his Inbox the first called ‘To check’ and the second called ‘To send’

2. In MDaemon under Queues -> Mail Queues -> Custom Queues create a new ‘remote mail’ queue which points to the ‘To send’ folder on the MDaemon server’s hard drive as shown here:-

Click the ‘Add’ button to create the new custom queue and then click ‘Ok’

3. Under Security -> Content Filter, create a new rule that will move all of Bill’s outbound email into Fred’s ‘To check’ sub-folder as shown below:-

4. Create a new batch file called ‘precheck.bat’ in your C:\MDaemon\App folder and put the following command in the batch file:-
ren “C:\MDaemon\Users\company.mail\fred\Inbox.IMAP\To send.IMAP\md*.msg” pd*.msg

5. In MDaemon, unders Queues -> Mail Queues -> Pre-Post Processing set-up the Remote queue section as shown below:-

6. That’s it!  All emails that Bill sends to the outside world will end up in Fred’s ‘To check’ sub-folder.  Once Fred is happy that the emails can be released, Fred simply has to drag the message from the ‘To check’ folder into the ‘To send’ folder.