How do I move my MDaemon installation to a new drive on the same machine?

 1.  From MDaemon’s interface, choose Setup -> Preferences -> Windows Service -> Remove Service. Confirm that the service has disappeared from Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services (you may need to reboot your machine to ensure this has been removed).

2.  Copy the MDaemon folder from its current location to the new location on the new drive or new machine (e.g.. C:\MDaemon to D:\MDaemon).

3.  Using a text editor, update ALL references to the old installation path to reflect the new one in each of the following files:-

\MDaemon\app\*.grp (if path references have been made)
\MDaemon\app\cfrules.dat (if any content filter rules pointed to a directory)

4. Using a text editor edit the drive letter in the \MDaemon\App\Userlist.dat file to reflect the new location (as this file relies on columns starting at defined line numbers we only recommend modifying the drive letter in this file).

5. On the new drive start MDaemon by navigating to \MDaemon\App\MDaemon.exe (this starts MDaemon as an application).

6. From MDaemon’s interface. Choose Setup -> Preferences -> System Service -> Install Service.

7. When prompted close MDaemon and then let it restart it as a service.

8. The only thing that should be left to do is update any references to MDaemon at Start -> Programs -> MDaemon and delete the old C:\MDaemon folder once you’ve confirmed all is now working correctly.