Creating Microsoft Teams invites with MDaemon

Unfortunately, there is no direct Microsoft Teams integration within MDaemon. This is because Microsoft expect and want you to use Office 365 as your email and Teams platform.


The workaround we have found is to use a separate domain specifically for Microsoft Teams use and there are two ways you can schedule meetings with it.


Method 1:

  • Create a new calendar entry in the Microsoft Teams APP. Add only yourself (your Office 365 address). Hit Send.
  • Copy the meeting URL from your Teams Calendar in the Microsoft Teams APP – Right click the calendar entry and choose Edit, then right click “Click here to join the meeting” and copy the link.
  • Open Outlook and create a new calendar entry. Add the Microsoft Teams Meeting URL into the calendar notes.

Method 2:

  • When scheduling a Teams meeting in the Microsoft Teams APP, include your MDaemon domain email addresses as additional attendees. This ensures Teams meetings appear in your Outlook calendar too and that you receive reminders of them in Outlook and on mobile devices.

Important Note:

If you are using MDaemon Connector in Outlook, MDaemon Connector 7.0.4 or higher should be installed on all the clients as it contains this important fix:

[24328] fix to URL in comments is lost when viewing an MS Teams meeting invitation


The MDaemon Connector 7.0.4 client installer can be downloaded from the “Outlook Client” section of if required.