Adding a new Modern Authentication Application certificate when the existing one is due to expire

During the configuration of Modern Authentication, one step is to create an Application Certificate within the credential manager in MailStore, Download this certificate to a local file and upload it to the Azure Portal. This certificate only lasts for 15 Months. and so before it expires you will need to create a new one and replace it.

The steps to do this are.

  1. Log into the Mailstore Client using an Administrator account
  2. Navigate to Administrative tools > Users and Archives > Directory Services  Click on the three dots next to the Credentials to open the credential Manager
  3. Select the existing Credentials and click Edit
  4. Select the small down arrow to the right of the current certificate and choose ‘Create Certificate, This will create a new certificate that will last 15 months
  5. Select the small down arrow again to the right and choose download certificate
  6. Save this Certificate to a location you remember
  7. Open the Azure Portal
  8. Navigate to Azure Active Directory > App registrations > All Applications >MailStore ( you may have named the app differently here)
  9. Once Editing the MAilStore App registration select Certificates & Secrets in the left-hand menu
  10. click on ‘Upload certificate’ and choose the certificate you downloaded above.
  11. choose ‘add’ to confirm adding the new certificate.
  12. at this point, we recommend you test the Authentication settings within Administrative Tools> Users and Archives > Directory Services to confirm the new certificate works. if successful you are safe to delete any old certificates with the Azure app registration portal as they are no longer being used.
  13. Also it’s worth taking note of the new expiry date of the certificate and adding a calendar entry to remind you when this will expire.