Why am I receiving an error “An attempt to retrieve the properties for the template failed because the … template is not in the catalog.”

The scenario’s where we’ve seen this error are:

  1. There is a native Windows backup in Windows Task Scheduler under the Windows -> Backup section. Removing any listed backups (even if they are showing as belonging to BackupAssist – it doesn’t use Task Scheduler) in this location will resolve the error.
  2. There is a known issue with BackupAssist on SBS 2011. This version of Windows has backup templates that aren’t currently compatible with BackupAssist. You will need to disable ‘SBS Integration’ in BackupAssist which you’ll find at Settings > Windows Settings.
  3. Following an in place upgrade of the Windows Operating System itself (for example after an upgrade from Windows 2016 Essentials to Windows 2016 Standard) the native Windows backup catalogs become corrupt / incompatible. Running the following command in an elevated command prompt will remove them:

    wbadmin delete catalog