How to revert BackupAssist to fresh, vanilla installation

In some cases, it is useful to be able to revert a BackupAssist installation into a vanilla configuruation, but without uninstalling the software and losing all the jobs and configurations.

The following steps will allow you to temporarily run BackupAssist using a fresh vanilla set of configurations files but quickly revert back to your current files when needed.

  1. Stop the BackupAssist Service in Windows Services Manager.
  2. Go to C:\ProgramData directory in Windows Explorer.
  3. Rename the folder BackupAssist v* to BackupAssist v* old (where * is the version number you are running).
  4. Start the BackupAssist Service again.

At this point you will have a new vanilla C:\ProgramData\BackupAssist v* folder and can start the BackupAssist Interface and test as required.

To revert back to the existing folder, simply repeat the same steps above but remove or rename the new vanilla BackupAssist v* folder and rename BackupAssist v* old to BackupAssist v*.

In effect, you can switch between these folders as needed.