How to reset all BackupAssist settings but keep the current jobs

In some cases, it is useful to be able to switch BackupAssist into a fresh vanilla setup mode, but keep the current jobs.

This can be done by following these steps…

  1. Stop the BackupAssist Service in the Windows Services Manager.
  2. Go to the C:\ProgramData directory in Windows Explorer.
  3. Rename the folder BackupAssist v* to BackupAssist v* old (where * is the version number you are running).
  4. Start, then stop BackupAssist Service again.
  5. Navigate to C:\ProgramData directory.
  6. Copy the jobs and configuration folders from BackupAssist v* old to the new BackupAssist v* folder that has been recreated.
  7. Start the BackupAssist Service again.
  8. You should see your jobs are now present within the software but it will no longer be licenced or have any other settings defined.