How to remove a Rapid Recovery VM from BackupAssist if it has been removed from Hyper-V Manager directly

After running a Rapid Recovery VM, you should remove it from BackupAssist, but if it has been removed from within Hyper-V Manager directly BackupAssist will not be aware of the changes and will still show a Rapid Recovery is in progress which will prevent jobs that include Hyper-V from running.

To remove this status perform the following steps:

  1. Close BackupAssist console.
  2. Stop the BackupAssist Service in the Windows Services Manager.
  3. Move all files from C:\ProgramData\BackupAssist v*\VMRR folder to some temporary folder as a backup (where * is the version number you are running).
  4. Reboot the machine so that all mounted backup VHD and Snapshots are unmounted.