How to move the BackupAssist ProgramData folder to a new drive

By default BackupAssist uses the C:\ProgramData\BackupAssist v* folder for temporary file operations. If space on the C: drive is limited you can move this by taking the steps below, but it’s important to note, that when upgrading between major versions (eg. version 10 to version 11) you’ll need to repeat the steps again:

  1. Stop the BackupAssist Service in the Windows Services Manager.
  2. Add the following string value under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Cortex I.T\BackupAssist\v*\ (where * is the version number you’re running of BackupAssist):

    DataPath=<desired path>

    (For example: DataPath=D:\backupassistdata\)
  3. Make a backup of the current data directory (eg. zip up C:\programdata\backupassist v*\)
  4. Move (or copy) the data directory contents to the new location (eg. D:\backupassistdata\)
  5. Start the BackupAssist Service.

    Configuration and Temporary Data should now be directed to the specified location in the registry key.