MDaemon v21.5: Enhanced Security for Administrators and End Users

Throughout their 25 year history, MDaemon Technologies has been a leader in the field of email security.

With the latest new version 21.5 of their Exchange alternative, MDaemon Mail Server, they deploy more new features and technologies to further strengthen their comprehensive security toolkit.

MDaemon 21.5 offers better protection for end-users against hackers with the addition of support for application passwords.

For Administrators, there are several new security-focused features including the ability to block potentially dangerous email attachments, the addition of a password strength meter, and a new report highlighting blocked connections.

The most important features of MDaemon Mail Server v21.5:

  • Application passwords: When this feature is enabled, users can use MDaemon Webmail or Remote Administration to generate random strong passwords for IMAP, ActiveSync, SMTP, and other services. Separate passwords can be assigned for each client used to access an account.
  • Dangerous attachment blocking by default: For increased security against malware and other malicious files, MDaemon’s attachment filtering settings are now configured to block an extensive list of potentially dangerous file types by default. 
  • Password strength meter: A password strength meter has been added to MDaemon Webmail & Remote Administration to encourage users to use stronger passwords.
  • Blocked connection reports: MDaemon Remote Administration now includes a report that shows IP addresses blocked by IP & dynamic screening. It also shows how many connection attempts were blocked per IP. This provides administrators a simple report they can review to see the effectiveness of their dynamic and IP screening settings.

Find a full overview of the new features in the official release notes.

Download the latest version

Provided the upgrade cover of your customer is current, you can download the latest release of MDaemon Mail Server, free of charge from our website.

If your customer’s upgrade cover has expired, you can either renew it via the partner portal or via this link (you’ll need the licence key to hand).

If you’re completely new to MDaemon and would like to take a closer look, you can download the new version as part of the 30-day trial.

If you’re interested in the Cloud Hosted version of MDaemon you can find more information and pricing on that here.

About MDaemon

The MDaemon Mail Server is an on-premises server designed to meet the needs of small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). Trusted by organizations in over 90 countries, MDaemon offers enterprise-class features, simple administration, and low total cost of ownership. Customers who want control of their mail server, without the complexity and costs of more expensive alternatives, have trusted MDaemon for over 20 years.

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