Top 10 barriers to cloud adoption 2012

Cloud computing report CSA and ISACA 2012A quick Google search produces plenty of opinion pieces out there on cloud computing adoption, but as the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISACA carry a fair amount of clout in the industry, I wanted to share some interesting findings from one of their recent surveys.

According to the study, the 250 participants from nearly 50 countries, all cloud users, providers, consultants or integrators, were least confident about the following issues (ranked from least confident to most confident):-

  1.   Government regulations keeping pace with the market
  2.   Exit strategies
  3.   International data privacy
  4.   Legal issues
  5.   Contract lock in
  6.   Data ownership and custodian responsibilities
  7.   Longevity of suppliers
  8.   Integration of cloud with internal systems
  9.   Credibility of suppliers
  10.   Testing and assurance

While there were plenty of positive indicators about adoption growth and perceived use and value of cloud services in the years ahead, the report shows companies are still wrestling with concerns over data ownership, legal issues, contract lock-in, international data privacy and government regulations.

The full survey report is available at and

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