What’s wrong with your pa$$w0rd? Part 2

Ok, So hopefully you only clicked on that link as you were wondering where it went, and you were not actually considering entering your password on some random website were you?

If you were happy to enter your password in the box bellow then i’m afraid you have just fallen for a very simple piece of social engineering.

This is the most important thing to remember about passwords.

They are only secure if only you know them! We suspect that the majority of account hijacks have nothing to do with the strength of the password but instead the passwords have been captured because they have been used on some other external website along with the email address they belong to! Sometimes these external websites can be completely legitimate companies that’s have requested your email address and a password, but If you have taken the easy option to just reuse the same one you have used elsewhere. you are relying on there systems keeping this information secure.

Let us know what you think....

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