Webinar: The Microsoft Misperception

Thursday 21st February @ 1pm GMT

Why your clients who use Office 365 email cannot afford to be without third-party archiving.

Are your Office 365 email users under the impression that Microsoft has them covered, no matter what should happen to their data?

Is it possible the lure of ‘the cloud’ has lulled them into a false sense of security over where their responsibilities lie?

Do they understand what archiving is, why it’s different to backup and the important role it plays for users of cloud services?

We talk about all this and more over the course of 30-minutes in an informal session, also including topics such as…

  • Who’s really responsible for what when it comes to Office 365
  • What the potential dangers are and where vulnerabilities lie
  • What archiving is and how it offers a solution
  • The available Microsoft archiving options
  • Introducing MailStore Server and SPE

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