MailStore Server Campaign Materials

Email templates for download

Simple, fast and free. Kick-off a postal campaign with a quick email warmer or use these as standalone campaigns. Just cut and paste the campaign text of your choice, edit as appropriate and send to your existing opt-in mailing list or to a list of potentials.

Mailstore trial offer

1) General overview + trial offer

Offer any of your existing customers a free 30-day trial, outline the benefits of the product and provide them with a brochure attachment. Choose the appropriate call to action. Includes mention of the competitive upgrade offer.

Mailstore trial offer

2) Overloaded mailbox focus + trial offer

Specifically target customers you know are struggling with overloaded mailboxes, outlining the benefits of MailStore in that context, and letting you choose an appropriate call to action. Includes mention of competitive upgrade offer.

Mailstore trial offer

3) Accountants/ solicitor focus + trial offer

Focus on the audit compliance angle of MailStore and push just how easy it is to find mails. Choose an appropriate call to action. Includes mention of competitive upgrade offer.

Helpful pointers:-

  • Make sure recipients can’t see one another’s email addresses (don’t paste addresses into the “To” field)
  • Always send a test email for double checking of links and any layout quirks!
  • MailChimp is brilliant for automating the managing and sending of emails to lists. It’s also free for small numbers of recipients.

Cover letter templates for download
The templates below are designed to be used with another piece of literature such as a brochure or white paper. Simply download, customise the required fields and copy as required and send to our printing contact along with a link to the brochure.

Mailstore trial offer

1) Overloaded mailbox focus + trial + competitive upgrade offer

This letter focuses on customers sending large attachments and keeping lots of email, offering to arrange a 30 day trial and mentioning the upgrade promo. Add your logo and address in the footer for that headed paper look.

Postcard templates for download

A striking and cost-effective way to convey a punchy, fully branded marketing message. Simply choose which postcard you’d like your customers to receive and send an email containing links from below to the appropriate artwork, your recipient list and of course your own contact information.

1) Overloaded mailboxes slowing you down?

MailStore postcard - Overloaded MailboxesThis postcard leads with a focus on overloaded mailboxes and offers your customers the opportunity to have a trial installed. It has a customisable rear for including contact information and your corporate logo.

Download:   Front (PDF 4.9MB)     Rear (PDF 3.5MB)

Helpful pointers:-

  • Be sure to consult the “Getting started” section on the campaign builder home page before sending your request to the printing company (Volume)
  • Supply the best quality logo you can for these cards for a professional branded finish

Postcard templates for download

Mailstore trial offer

1) MailStore brochure (A4 portrait – 4 sides)

This link takes you to the latest product brochure for MailStore. Ideal for distributing in person, for exhibitions, seminars, roadshows and customer visits. This document is print ready.

Mailstore trial offer

2) MailStore pamphlet for mailing (6pp portrait)

Ideal for postal campaign given it’s size (fits into a DL envelope) and concise content.  This document is print ready.

Helpful pointers:-

  • Let us know if you’d like these documents customising with your contact information
  • Use one of the cover letters above to create a postal campaign

Postcard templates for download

Mailstore trial offer

1) Comprehensive partner sales guide

A great PDF guide for partner sales teams and the ideal way to get up to speed quickly on the key features and benefits of MailStore. This guide also includes common objections and “positioning” statements of different lengths, ideal if you need some concise blurb about the product to cut and paste for your Web site.

Mailstore trial offer

2) “Customer friendly” sales presentation

The perfect complement to any sales pitch. This is by far the best way to introduce MailStore to your customers if you’re there in person, providing concise information on features and benefits, as well as screenshots so they’re able to get a feel for the product too.

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