Reseller Marketing Campaign Builder – effective promotion without the hassle!

Marketing Campaign Builder

Particularly as a small company, it can sometimes be tricky to find as much time as you might like to focus on actively promoting your products and services. For this reason, the campaign builder’s been designed to all but eliminate the legwork required to create professional, custom branded marketing activity to generate new business for you.

On these pages you’ll find everything you need to create effective campaigns with the absolute minimum of input. You’ll find the marketing materials, the guidance, and even the contacts for the printing and posting of your collateral – all we require in most cases is that you supply the mailing list data (and we may even be able to help with that – just ask!).

Materials include:-

  • Email templates (ideal for quick cut ‘n’ paste)
  • Cover letters for brochure/ leaflet campaigns
  • Print quality brochures and leaflets
  • Customisable postcard templates

If you’d like any help with your campaign or would just like to bounce around some ideas, please feel free to get in touch with the marketing team –

Choose product

Click a product logo to visit the corresponding campaign materials page.

Printing and fulfillment services

If you plan on running one of our postal campaigns, we’ll be happy to put you in touch with our contact at the printing company we’ve used for several years. They’re familiar with our materials and the campaign builder initiative but most importantly, they offer excellent quality printing at very competitive prices. If of course, you’d rather use your own contact, we’ll be happy to help them too where needed.

Don’t fancy stuffing envelopes?

We’ve found that’s not the best use of our time either so if you wish, our printing company contact will manage that side of things for you too. They’ll print and post your collateral making sure it arrives at the doors of your customers – all you need do is email them with your artwork, mailing list and your contact details.

Data security and confidentiality

We’re absolutely aware of the need to keep your customer data secure and that it’s a daunting prospect to share this with any third-party. When you first get in touch with our printing company contact, they should provide you with a mutual NDA and data processing agreement. If it’s not offered we’d recommend you ask – certainly get that in place before you part with any data.

If you’re sending anything by email we’d also recommend that you at least send your data using a password protected spreadsheet in one email and the password itself in another.

Getting started


Step one is to decide upon the type of campaign you plan on running and the materials you’d like to send.

A good first campaign is to use one of our email templates to send a quick personal mailshot to your existing customers. Although the response rate is unlikely to be as positive as with a postal mailer, the advantage here of course is that they take minutes to arrange and are (usually) free.

For a better response rate and to go after new customers, we find a personal cover letter along with some quality product literature works better than anything too “gimmicky”.

Branded postcards with your contact details are also a cost-effective way to get a marketing message across to new and prospective customers.

Bear in mind that if you’ve got the resources to do so, following up your outbound activity with calls will also increase the response rate.


Once you’ve decided which materials you’d like to send you’ll need an Excel spreadsheet containing the contacts you plan on sending it to.


If you’re sending an email campaign, you’ll only actually need the email addresses although you’ll get a better response if you’re able to do a mail merge of the first names in the greeting line.


For postal contacts your spreadsheet export should ideally include the following fields:-

  • Contact first name
  • Contact full name
  • Organisation name
  • Address line 1
  • Address line 2
  • Address line 3
  • Postcode

Don’t forget, for postal campaigns you’ll also need to provide us with the following information so we can instruct the printing company to customise your marketing collateral:-

  • Contact name at your company (for customers to contact)
  • Appropriate contact number and email address
  • Corporate logo (best quality possible)


When you’ve decided up on the materials you wish to send and you have your data ready, it’s time to get in touch!

We’ll put you in touch with the printing company contact and help make sure you’ve got the materials customised according to your requirements.

Zen logoJames Steel
Marketing Manager
+44 (0) 161 660 5738

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