Why become a MailStore reseller?

mailstoreWhether it’s managing overloaded mailboxes, just providing a faster way of finding email or storing messages for compliance purposes – MailStore has broad appeal, which makes it a fantastic opportunity for resellers.

In addition to having lots of happy customers, there are other benefits of being a MailStore reseller which include…

FREE licence for your own use

We’ve found that our best MailStore resellers are the ones that use the product themselves, so as a MailStore reseller you’re eligible for a FREE not for resale (NFR) licence key for your own internal use.

Keys are up to a maximum size of 50 users and will expire after a year. Provided you’re still an active reseller you can continue to renew these keys for free.

Become a MailStore Certified Archiving Specialist (MCAS)

As a partner you’re welcome to learn more about the technical aspects of MailStore and about archiving concepts in general – thanks to an online course hosted by our colleagues over at MailStore.

Consult the online training guide and then take a multiple choice Web-based test in order to earn the official MCAS qualification. Demonstrate your proficiency to new and existing customers, have a keener eye for potential sales opportunities and enjoy a temporary boost in your reseller discount too.

For more info visit our blog post on the MCAS qualification at this link.

Free demos via GoToWebinar

Free MailStore webinarMailStore’s actually very intuitive to use but sometimes there are things to be learned by having somebody who’s used the software before; guide you around.

If you or a colleague would find a step by step walkthrough of the installation process useful, or even just as a refresher prior to a customer deployment, you’re more than welcome to sign up for one of our free live webinars using this this link.

Reseller Marketing Campaign Builder

campaign builderParticularly as a small company, it can sometimes be tricky to find as much time as you might like to focus on actively promoting your products and services. For this reason, the campaign builder’s been designed to all but eliminate the legwork required to create professional, custom branded marketing activity to generate new business for you.

Visit the Reseller Marketing Campaign Builder at this link.

Interested in signing up as a NEW MailStore partner?

The requirements to become a reseller are detailed on our Web site at the link below, but as a quick checklist, we’ll normally as you at least meet the following:

  • Be familiar with the product and in a position to talk to your customers about it
  • Have a MailStore sale pending in the next three months
  • Plamnn on reselling at least two copies of MailStore to your customers each year
  • Be a registered company in the UK and Ireland
  • Have a corporate Web site and email address
  • Understand you’ll be required to provide first line support to your customers (we’ll provide you with second line)

Provided you’re happy you satisfy those, please simply follow the link below where you can submit an application via our Web site:


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