Introducing Danny Boyle to Zen Software (no, not that one)

Following on from the appointment of James Steel as Managing Director earlier this year, Zen Software Ltd is excited once again to be taking the next steps in our growth journey, working towards our goals including putting our MSP (Managed Service Provider) partners front and centre and building on our reputation for service and support.

Today we’re thrilled to be announcing the appointment of Danny Boyle as Sales Manager, who’ll be working with and building relationships with both our vendors and customer base to ensure we are providing everything they require. Danny will have a key role in acquiring new and developing products to fulfil our goal to create one of the most advanced and curated MSP portfolios that is available on the market in EMEA.

Danny has a wealth of knowledge of the industry and brings with him experience from past roles in retail, customer service, and sales, along with a ton of ambition that will support Zen Software to go from strength to strength.

An introduction from Danny…

I have been aware of Zen Software’s position in the MSP industry from my previous role, and know the reputation Zen has as a company, of moving heaven and earth to support their clientele and provide a strong overall customer satisfaction level. This fact, along with strong plans to develop a leading MSP portfolio made this opportunity very hard to refuse. I can’t wait to get going and to see where my career develops with Zen.

I hope to bring knowledge and the right level of experience to advance Zen to the next level and also to set a leading example in the delivery of all our solutions to our customer base whilst making the journey as seamless and simple as possible.”

A word from James Steel, Managing Director…

“I’m thrilled to have Danny taking up such a key role in the business. For the growth phase we’re in to be successul, we really have to get close to the needs or our MSPs and make sure we’re not only providing the right services but that we’re focused on helping them be happier and more successful. Danny knows this industry space as well as anyone – he brings exactly the mindset and experience we need to do this and to help us reach our goals.”

We put Danny on the spot…

What excites you most about your new role at Zen Software?

I think for me the most important factor is the opportunity to have a major say in the products that we choose to be involved with and leading from the front to deliver them. Having dealt with MSPs for several years, I have a lot of experience in both vendor and customer relations, so I am already aware of the products within the MSP market that are working and I have a high knowledge base to discover what is in demand in an ever-changing SaaS market so that we can adapt throughout the future.


What challenges/opportunities are you most excited about?

At the moment our portfolio is mainly targeted towards annual and perpetual models. I’m really eager to get stuck into the opportunities that can be generated with a simple easy to use and order MSP monthly billing option. It’s something I can’t wait to explore and start handpicking the types of products that our customers need us to fulfil. 

The ordering process for many is unnecessarily convoluted. Zen’s portfolio already offers one simple marketplace that allows all products to be ordered within a couple of clicks. Developing this into the MSP world of monthly billing should and will be a game-changer.


What is your background?

Often I feel like Del-Boy as my career started doing all the bits that nobody is proud to say they have done. I started in retail, working at a major UK optician for 5 years as an assistant manager (because of this I’m obsessed with random eye facts – ask away!).

From there, the opportunity to develop my career further was not accessible (unless I was willing to move to London, which for a northerner isn’t the easiest of transitions), so I started work for one of the largest UK telecoms providers. Work here was tough with strict rules and if you missed selling one product within a couple of weeks you were put on a performance plan with one foot out of the door. During my 5 years in the call centre, I must have seen over 200 staff members go in and out the door. It was a job however that I adapted to quite easily though. I loved talking to customers and I was consistently in the top 1% of all agents in Europe and never missed a single target.

All of my commission earned here went towards a house I was renovating. When the house was completed, I wanted to advance myself up to a new career ladder and moved into the MSP world for the first time. I was acquired by Zedsphere (which soon became to be QBSMSP after an acquisition) and it was this move alone that was the deciding factor in the job role I wanted to be involved with.

After a year I was promoted to Sales Manager and led the way in fronting and developing the majority of MSP relations that I still have to this day. Working there had many highs and many lows and it’s this experience that I can now bring into Zen Software and help them to thrive.


What are the values that drive you?

Coming from a retail, call centre, and MSP distributor career. My focus is always based on the overall customer experience and the journey they have with you along the way. I’m a traditionalist and I know a few books may tell you otherwise but people still buy from people. These connections, links, friendships, and contacts are still (in my opinion) the leading strategy that drives the world of IT along and it’s one that I’ve carried through my career and looking to continue with Zen.


What’s your idea of a perfect day?

Depends if it’s a weekday or a weekend. I’m not afraid to say that I’m a tiny bit OCD and like everything to be done by the end of the day. This also carries through to customers who email me with an issue or are in need of assistance. I like to do all I can whenever I’m next available to get the query sorted so that they can move on with their day.


Do you have a Favourite Quote?

Yes, two. The first has carried with me since starting in sales all those years ago in that “The worst they can say is no”. It’s a mantra I still use all the time as it can have a positive outcome in many different situations in life.

The second is closer to home, being involved in sport a lot when I was young in team comps meant that I used to get understandably nervous. My dad would always say; “nerves are a good thing because it means something can go right”. It’s a little silly I know, but looking at the glass half-full in these situations instead of half-empty started to make a big difference in my results both on and off the sporting fields.


Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?

I am currently writing my own Sales book to help IT specialists and businesses to make the most out of their calls. During the start of Covid and living alone, I felt myself become very isolated and had a stint of depression (which I’m not afraid to admit as this happens to most of us), and it was this personal experience that led me to start writing and distract myself to help others. 

Part of my role at the call centre was to listen to live calls and coach advisors to maximize their opportunities during a call. After 5 years of looking after MSPs in my previous role, I found myself naturally helping MSPs with everyday tweaks that could make a huge impact on their outcomes.

After a while, I was asked for advice so often that I’ve been writing my own self-help book to help MSPs branch out and expand their sales offering without spending an extra penny. As I’m doing this as a hobby, there is no time against when this will be available but I’m currently up to about 65k words and 9 chapters completed.


Who inspires you?

My dad. He has always worked in the trade as a joiner and there have been many times when he was working additional hours just to make ends meet. My mum couldn’t work due to looking after my little brother who is very high on the autistic spectrum and no matter how hard he had to work, he always had a smile on his face and did everything he could to make sure I had what I needed. 

Ever since I was little my brother always needed extra care from my parents so it was this that led to me finding sport as my escape and my parents would always do everything they can to provide me with what I needed but it’s my dad who always looked at everything in a positive light that captured my attention and made me who I am today.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I’m incredibly addicted to most sports. Since I was a kid, I’ve been involved with everything from Badminton and Table Tennis all the way to Rugby and Football. After dislocating my knee 3 times when I was younger and rupturing my ACL however, I’m now restricted to the good old gentlemanly game of golf.

I try and go as much as I can to unwind and have a handicap of 11. I also love following my local Rugby team around (Warrington Wolves) where I have been a season ticket holder for 25 years (they’ve still not won the league…65 years and waiting) but I’m sure at some point it will happen.


Which superhero would you be and why?

Well with this court case going on I definitely wouldn’t be Black-Widow as I wouldn’t get paid what I had been promised. I think Doctor Strange for me, just because he can cruise through time unnoticed and change things to suit himself. 


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