50% off MailStore Server: Switch From Alternatives Including Mimecast, Barracuda, Commvault, MailArchiva, Exclaimer and Enterprise Vault

MailStore competitive upgrade

If you’ve recently shelled out to renew an existing archiving solution, the chances are, you’re not going to be over the moon about paying again (regardless of how magnificent a product MailStore Server is!).

Well, we have some fantastic news!

To help remove that pain, we’re prepared to heavily discount your new MailStore licence to account for the additional expenditure.

Simply send us proof that you’ve purchased a competing solution which meets the criteria below and we’ll slash the price of your new MailStore Server licence by a whopping 50 percent!

Requirements and terms:-

  • Eligible licences must be paid-for, email archiving solutions from another company
  • Licenses for backup solutions or integrated archiving modules (for example, from email servers) do not qualify the license holder for a competitive upgrade.
  • With the competitive upgrade, the purchase of MailStore Server includes a maximum of one year of update and support services.
  • Additional years can be purchased as usual after the upgrade.
  • MailStore Server must be licensed for the same number of users as the original solution. However, you can purchase additional licenses at any time after the upgrade.
  • The maintenance contract for the original solution must have been in use for more than three months and cannot have expired more than six months ago.

What is MailStore? (visit the Web site)

MailStore is the email archiving software for Office 365 and Exchange, that enables you to automatically prune the mailbox sizes of your users, keep a perfect copy in the case of accidental deletion or malware attack, and it’s also great for compliance such a GDPR.

Next steps…

To be eligible for this offer you will need to provide a copy of your invoice for your current solution by sending it to us at sales@zensoftware.co.uk. Your invoice must clearly show that your organisation has purchased another commercially available server-based email archiving product and that you’ve used it for at least 3 months.

We must receive this and have confirmed your eligibility by providing you with a discount voucher PRIOR to you placing your order for MailStore – the discounted offer is not available in retrospect of you having placed an order.

We reserve the right to reject any requests to take advantage of this offer at our discretion.

If you’ve got any questions about the product or offer don’t hesitate to get in touch!


2 thoughts on “50% off MailStore Server: Switch From Alternatives Including Mimecast, Barracuda, Commvault, MailArchiva, Exclaimer and Enterprise Vault

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